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SignatureMaster is a 32-bit E-mail Signature/Tagline Manager for Windows 95 and Windows NT (Version 3.51 or greater) and will NOT run on Windows 3.x. 
SignatureMaster is compatible with Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus, Agent, MS Internet Mail, News Xpress, Outlook or any other application that reads a Signature from a text-based Signature file. 

Generates Signature files with random Taglines. 
Saves Signatures with user specified file name. 
Primary and Alternate Signatures. 
Up to 255 Lines per Signature, with 255 characters per line.
Saves Signatures at user specified location. 
Taglines can be organized by categories. 
User controlled delay times. 
Date and Time Stamping. 
Database can contain millions Taglines! 
Adds, Deletes, Edits Taglines. 
Searches Tagline database. 
Replaces text in Taglines. 
Imports ASCII (Text) Tagline files. Also Export to Text files.
Filters Tagline database, with case-sensitive Filters. 
Pop-up Filter Editor, with automatic sorting. 
Compacts Tagline database. Fast!
Can be run Minimized on Task bar. 
Toolbar icons and Status bar. 
Online Help system.

After downloading SignatureMaster, be sure to read the README.TXT file enclosed. 

Download SignatureMaster

SignatureMaster 3.3.0 requires the MicroSoft VB5 extensions. You must have thes files in order for SignatureMaster to run properly. These common MicroSoft files are available here an may be downloaded. They should be installed prior to installing SignatureMaster. If you are a previous user of SignatureMaster, versions 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2, then you already have them. 

Download MicroSoft VB Runtime Extensions

Registration: This Shareware program is limited to 15 Taglines in the database. Registering SignatureMaster allows a database of up to 2 billion characters and also removes all 'nag screens' from the program. The Registration fee is still only $5 and includes all future versions of this program. To Register, just click on the Print Order Form (under the File menu) and fill in your information and print it out. 

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